Welcome to Team 3 Wiki! Team members are:

Max Sundermeyer

Max's blog
A link to Max Sundermeyer's blog for English 472. The purpose of this blog is to share design element tips and content strategies for writing on the web.

Shannon Jones

Shannon's Blog
A link to Shannon Jones's Blog for English 572. You will find reviews to the chapter readings and a future blog with an international contact.

Spencer Shields

Spencer's Blog
A link to a blog done by Spencer Shields for English 472. The intent of the blog is to acquire new knowledge on how to write more effectively on the web.

Gere Hirsch

Gere's Blog
Come check out my review of the chapters from Wiki Writing and Letting Go of the Words, as well as how I reviewed a bilingual blog. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Look around our wiki, stay awhile and see what we have to offer. We're sharing resources for Technical Communication, our presentations, and individual profiles.

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